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驴打滚:Fried chop rice cake

北京豌豆黄: Beijing sweet pease pudding

艾窝窝:Steamed Rice Cakes with Sweet Stuffing

北京炒肝:Stir-fried Liver Beijing Style

北京小吃 英文

Beijing snacks used to be very famous in Beijing in the old days. The kind of snacks is varied, there were approximately more than 200 of them, but the most of the snacks are derived from Chinese Muslims. Bean Soup (豆汁) is one of the distinguished Beijing snacks. In making the bean soup, the only material is the remainings after making Tofu. Because of its low price, it was welcomed by the majority of Beijingers. Bean Soup tastes sour. If you are not familiar with Beijing, you will hate this at the first taste. Another famous Muslim style snack is Sweet Cake (糖火烧). It is made of flour and red sugar. It is sweet, but with no harm to your health. You will love it at the first bite. If you are not allergic to the viscus of animals, you can try to have some Luzhu (卤煮). It is made of the tharm and stomarch of the pigs. Though seems to be disgust, it in fact very delicious. Most of Beijing snacks can be found around Qianmen Gate, but now, with the construction of that area, the snacks are facing great threat. As more and more youngsters pay little attention to the traditional things, they are now only welcomed by senior citizens.

Beijing (Peking) Cuisine!!!!


Peking Duck (北京烤鸭)

Hot and Sour Soup (酸辣汤)

Peking Barbecue (烤肉/北京烤肉)

Mutton Hot pot (涮羊肉)

Sweetened Vinegar Spareribs (糖醋排骨)

Stir Fried Tomatoes with Scrambled Eggs (西红柿炒鸡蛋 xīhóngshì chǎo jīdàn)

Sweet Stir Fried Mutton/Lamb (它似蜜) (Ta Si Mi)

Plain Boiled Pork (白肉) (Bai Rou)

Fried Small Meatballs (炸丸子) (Zha Xiao Wan Zi)

Fried Pig Liver wrapped in Chinese Small Iris (Iris pallasii) (炸卷肝) (Zha Juan Gan)

Shredded Skin Salad (拌皮丝) (Ban Si Pi)

Cold Pig ears in Sauce (拌双脆) (Ban Shuang Cui)

Pickled Chinese Cabbage with Blood Filled Intestines (酸菜血肠) (suan cai xue chang)

Sauced Meat (酱肉) (Jiang Rou)

Pickled Sauced Meat (清酱肉) (Qing Jiang Rou)

Upper Parts of the Pork Hand/Leg (水晶肘子) (Shui Jing Zhou Zi)

Three Non-Stickiness (三不粘 ; San Bu Nian)

Wood shavings meat 木须肉 (Moo shu pork)

Quick-Fried Tripe (mainly intestines) (爆肚) (Bao Du)

Fried Triangle (炸三角) (Zha San Jiao)

Roast (Mutton/Beef/Pork (烧牛/羊/猪肉) (Shao Niu/Yang/Zhu Rou)

Peking Dumpling (饺子/北京饺子) (Jiaozi/Beijing Jiaozi)

Peking wonton (馄饨/北京馄饨) (Hun Tun/Beijing Huntun)

Braised fish (酥鱼) (Su Yu)

Soft fried fish (软炸鱼) (Ruan Zha Yu)

Fish cooked with five spices (五香鱼) (Wu Xiang Yu)

Fish cooked with vinegar and pepper (醋椒鱼) (Cu Jiao Yu)

Shrimp chips with egg (金鱼戏莲) (Jin Yu Xi Lian)

Fish soaked with soup (干烧鱼) (Gan Shao Yu)

Family style boiled fish (家常熬鱼) (Jia Chang Ao Yu)

Sea cucumber with quail egg (乌龙吐珠) (Wu Long Tu Zhu)

Fish cooked with five kinds of sliced vegetable (五柳鱼) (Wu Liu Yu)

Abalone with peas and fish paste (蛤蟆鲍鱼) (Ha Ma Bao Yu)

Meat wrapped in thin mung bean flour pancake (煎饼馃子) (Jian Bing Guo Zi)

Egg and shrimp wrapped in corn flour pancake (糊饼) (Hu Bing)

Fried tofu with egg wrapping (锅塌豆腐) (Guo Ta Do Fu)

Wheaten cake boiled in meat broth (卤煮火烧) (Lu Zhu Huo Shao)

Fried wheaten pancake with meat and sea cucumber fillings (褡裢火烧) (Da Lian Huo Shao)

Fried butter cake (奶油炸糕) (Nai You Zha Gao)

Fried cake with fillings (烫面炸糕) (Tang Mian Zha Gao)

Fried dry soybean cream with diced meat filling (炸响铃) (Zha Xiang Ling)

Dried Soy Milk Cream in Tight Roll with Beef Fillings (炸卷果) (Zhua Juan Guo)

Lotus ham (莲枣肉方) (Lian Rou Zao Fang)

Pork in broth (苏造肉) (Su Zao Rou)

Goat/sheep intestine filled with blood (羊霜肠) (Yang Shuang Chang)

Beef wrapped in pancake (门钉肉饼) (Men Ding Rou Bing)

Soft fried tenderloin (软炸里脊) (Ruan Zha Li Ji)

Meatballs soup (清汤丸子) (Qing Tang Wan Zi)

Fried sesame egg cake (开口笑) (Kai Kuo Xiao)

Pork fat with flour wrapping glazed in honey (蜜汁葫芦) (Mi Zhi Hu Lu)

Glazed fried egg cake (金丝糕) (Jin Si Gao)

Steamed egg cake (碗糕) (Wan Gao)

Lotus shaped cake with chicken meat (莲蓬鸡糕) (Lian Peng Ji Gao)

Fried thin pancake with meat stuffing (炸卷果) (Zha Juan Guo)

Noodles (Can be either vegetarian or served with meat)

Noodles with Thick Gravy (打卤面) (Da Lu Mian)

Zhajiang mian (炸酱面)

Naked oats noodle (莜面搓鱼) (You Mian Cuo Yu)


Mustardy Chinese cabbage (芥末墩) (Jie Mo Dun)

Beijing preserved fruit (果脯) (Guo Pu)

Beijing candied fruit (蜜饯) (Mi Jian)

Hawthorn cake (京糕) (Jin Gao)

Stir fried hawthorn (炒红果) (Chao Hong Guo)

Iced fruits (冰果) (Bing Guo)

Watermellon jelly (西瓜酪) (Xi Gua Lao)

Almond drink (杏仁茶) (Xin Ren Cha)

Beijng cheese (奶酪) (Nai Lao)

Fuling pancake sandwich (茯苓夹饼) (Fuling jiabing)

Thin Millet Flour Pancake (煎饼) (Jian Bing)

Thin pancake (薄饼) (Bao Bing)

Pancake (烙饼) Lao Bing

Deep Fried Dough Cake (油饼) (You Bing)

Baked Sesame Seed Cake (烧饼) (shaobing)

Purplevine Cake (藤萝饼) (Teng Luo Bing)

Shortening cake (牛舌饼) (Niu She Bing)

Glutinous rice cake (切糕) (Qie Gao)

Thousand-layer cake (千层糕) (Qian Ceng Gao)

Lamma cake (喇嘛糕) (La Ma Gao)

Proso millet cake (黄糕) (Huang Gao)

Glutinous rice cake roll (卷糕) (Juan Gao)

Glazed steamed glutinous rice cake (水晶糕) (Shui Jing Gao)

Rice and white kidney bean cake with jujube (盆糕) (Pen Gao)

Honeycomb cake (蜂糕) (Feng Gao)

Buckwheat cake (扒糕) (Ba Gao)

Rice and jujube cake (甑糕) (Zeng Gao)

Mung bean cake (绿豆糕) (Lu Dou Gao)

Soybean flour cake (豆面糕) (Dou Mian Gao)

Bean paste cake (凉糕) (Liang Gao)

Fried Cake (炸糕) (Zha Gao)

Rice cake with bean paste (花糕) (Hua Gao)

Chestnut cake with bean paste (栗子糕) (Li Zi Gao)

Chestnut broth (栗子羹) (Li Zi Geng)

Glazed/Candied Chinese Yam (拔丝山药) (Ba Si Shan Yao)

Glazed thin pancake with Chinese yam and jujube stuffing (糖卷果) (Tang Juan Guo)

Thin pancake of pork fat (油皮) (You Pi)

Sweet hard flour cake (硬面饽饽) (Yi Mian Bo Bo)

Sweet flour cake (墩饽饽) (Dun Bo Bo)

Fried sugar cake (糖耳朵) (Tang Er Duo)

Fried cake glazed in malt sugar (蜜三刀) (Mi San Dao)

Cake with bean paste filling (豆陷烧饼) (Dou Xian Shao Bing)

Freshwater snail shaped cake (螺蛳转) (Luo Si Zhuan)

Chinese "fajitas" (春饼卷菜 — not to be confused with spring rolls [春卷])

Chatang / Miancha / Youcha (茶汤/面茶/油茶)

Fermented Mung Bean Juice (豆汁) (Dou Zhi)

Baked Wheaten Cake (火烧) (Huo Shao)

Sweetened baked wheaten cake (糖火烧) (Tang Huo Shao)

Bean Jelly (凉粉) (Liang Fen)

Sweet Potato Starch Jelly (粉皮) (Fen Pi)

Crisp Fritter (麻页) (Ma Ye)

Crisp Fritter with Sesame (薄脆) (Bao Cui)

Crisp Thin Fritter Twist (排叉) (Pai Cha)

Crisp Noodle (馓子) (San Zi)

Stir Fried Starch Knots (炒疙瘩) (Chao Ge Da)

Fried Ring (焦圈) (Jiao Quan)

Fried Dough Twist (麻花) (Ma Hua)

Pea Flour Cake (豌豆黄) (Wan Dou Huang)

Fermented Mung Bean Juice Dried (麻豆腐) (Ma Dou Fu)

Jellied Bean Curd (豆腐脑) (Dou Fu Nao)

Almond tofu (杏仁豆腐)

Glutinous rice ball (艾窝窝) (Ai Wo Wo)

Noodle roll (银丝卷) (Yi Si Juan)

Kidney bean roll (芸豆卷) (Yun Dou Juan)

Dried Soy Milk Cream in Tight Rolls (腐竹) (Fu Zhu)

Sugarcoated haws on a stick (糖葫芦) (Tang hu lu)

Millet zongzi (粽子) (Zongzi)

Tangyuan (元宵) (Yuan Xiao)


北京烤鸭 Beijing Roasted Duck

溜松花 Preserved Eggs in Sauce

油焖大虾(京菜) Braised Prawns

北京松花蛋拌豆腐 Mixed Bean Curd with Preserved Eggs

炒豆腐脑(京菜) Saruted Soft Bean Curd


驴打滚 soybean cake

艾窝窝 Steamed rice cakes with sweet stuffing)

炒肝 Stewed Liver

糖卷果 Chinese yam and date rolls

姜丝排叉 Fried ginger slices

奶油炸糕 Fried butter cake

豌豆黄 Pea cake

蜜麻花 Ear-shaped twists with sugar

豆汁 Fermented mung bean juice

油茶 Chatang / Miancha / Youcha

馓子麻花 Crisp noodle

萨其马 Caramel treats

焦圈 Fried ring

糖火烧 Sweetened baked wheaten cake

豆馅烧饼 Bean paste cake/Subsidence fried beans

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